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Vixen Surface Treatments 4 Stage Dunk Wash with Ultrasonics

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Vixen Surface Treatments
Vixen 4 Stage Dunk Wash with Ultrasonics
Year of Manufacture
From a working environment, Good Condition
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm) [?]
baskets 590 x 390 x 190
Process Stages
Other Info
5 off baskets
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
5500 x 1500 x 1860


Vixen automatic 4 Stage Dunk Wash with Ultrasonic cleaning and hot air drying

 Vixen have developed a modular multi stage immersion wash system which transports the baskets automatically. The modular construction enables any number of wash and dry stages and the components are simply placed in baskets and are transported through the wash system using a PLC programmable interface.

Immersion washing is the preferred means of cleaning where spray washing does not guarantee to reach all areas.

In addition to the dunk cleaning this machine is fitted with a second stage wash using ultrasonic to remove finer particles that may be lodges into the components. For instance a basket full of small components cannot be spray washed successfully as the parts usually mask each other. This prevents successful spray washing taking place where as an immersion system would wash these successfully.

Another example may be machined parts with a number of ports where once again the immersion principle succeeds.

The benefit of the Vixen multi stage system is that baskets can  be loaded  at the entry side by hand or a powered conveyor for instance . Once in position a basket is detected and automatically transported into the first stage wash.

A PLC controlled machine with basic HMI and nudge facilities etc are incorporated in the standard control panel.

Touch screen controls with additional functions can be Immersion washing is the preferred means of cleaning where spray washing does incorporated  to suit different applications.

The basket is moved by a pneumatically driven sledge which moves the basket on a sledge type system.

This system is extremely reliable. Once the basket is in position and has been lowered pneumatic  covers automatically lower over each chamber.

First Stage - Heated Wash

Components are transported from the load station onto the first stage wash platform and this  lowers  the  basket  into  a  hot  aqueous  solution.The  solution   has   underwater   jetting  and  filtration. The basket sitting on the platform submerged is agitated (variable speed) in the  solution  which  creates  a flushing action removing oils and  debris  etc. The coalescent constant  filtration helps keep the fluid free of debris and an oil water separator is available to remove heavy oil contamination if required. 

Second Stage - Ultrasonic Cleaning, heated solution

After exiting the first stage  wash  the  components  are  transported  automatically  to  the next stage.  This stage is fitted with ultrasonics which clean and remove any fine particles still on the components. It is important with ultrasonics that oil contamination is minimal as this significantly reduces ultrasonic cleaning action .

Therefore the first stage would remove excess oil enabling good ultrasonic cleaning action.

Third Stage - Heated Rinse

The third tank is for rinsing and in this machine a heated, circulated and filtered rinse system is in place. For best rinse results it is recommended that a  deionised water is used. This gives minimal staining to the product.

 Fourth Stage - Dry

After the previous rinse cycle the components are transported into a drying chamber. To a degree the components will flash dry depending on the complexity of the component. To assist drying a hot air drying chamber will remove excess moisture . A series of high pressure blowers can be incorporated if required into this chamber as the basket lowers.


  • 5 Wash Baskets
  • 4  Tanks, Dunk wash, Ultrasonic wash, Rinse and hot air drying
  • Agitation Wash.
  • Spray jets.
  • 3 External filters, one per tank.
  • 3 separate tanks
  • 3 separate pumps

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