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Romer KPO-3-Z Powder Coating Booth with powder Hopper

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£ 6,750 (+ VAT)
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£ 6,250 (+ VAT)
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30 November 2021 17:00 GMT while stocks last
Brand New, Excellent Condition, Unused, Current Model
Stock No
KPO-3Z Standard
Year of Manufacture
Brand New, Excellent Condition, Unused, Current Model
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm) [?]
2800 x 1000 x1800
Process Stages
Single Stage Manual
Other Info
Air Volume 10,200 M3/H
Arriving in our warehouse soon
Weight (kgs)
500 kg
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
2800 x 1700 x 2300



Romer Open Face Powder Coating Booth Range

The Romer range of spray booths allow for painting multiple components by hand directly placed on the work table or suspended from the trolley rail. 

** The machine will have a powder hopper for recovery of powders but does not include the optional sieve **

Features of the KPO range of manual booths

Explosion-proof construction

These ATEX compliant booths are carefully designed to prevent explosive mixes from the process of powder application. Every single component is carefully selected to minimise the risk of fire.

Romer HMI Panel

The latest booths have now been equipped with a touch screen multilingual HMI panel allowing the parameters of operation and filter cleaning to be easily set and adjusted by the operator

Aluminum fans

Aluminum fans are safer, to use than standard steel fans as they in themselves won't cause sparks to appear within the metal casing . Thanks to their low weight they also consume less energy and thus less costs. They are also very quiet working at a noise level of 74-dBa, with the motor being hidden inside the booth housing making the booth even lower in height.

Sealed filter installation

Thanks to the use of supporting flanges installing and uninstalling of the filter elements is made easy. The design of the filter with multiple securing locations provides a tight seal which improves the quality of the filtration process and face velocities within the booth.

Automatic filter cleansing

Romer booths are equipped with an electronic automatic filter pulse cleaning system. The booth control system has an adjustable timer for both the cleaning interval, and the time of the impulse, so that the filters are automatically cleaned whilst in use to maintain the extraction rate of the booth in an optimum condition.

We know from experience that it's hard to expect an operator to regularly clean the filters, but thanks to this system the operator won't have to worry about it anymore.

Reverse pulse cleaning 

The Romer powder booths are equipped with integral pressure reservoirs , which are responsible for the storage of air needed to clean the filter. Compressed air is released from the tank in a fraction of a second while passing through the ROMER JET ™ system which expands the filter at high velocity and escapes through the micro holes in the filter with the powder then falling to the floor booth.

The ROMER JET ™ system is patented and ensures the cleaning of the whole filter from top to bottom, this provides a unique cleaning effect, unattainable in the past using simple jet venturi's for example

Powder recovery

By recovering the sprayed materials you save money. Collecting the powders in the base  allows you to reuse the powders, whether it be directly to storage, the powder can be fed to the spray equipment (powders should be sifted before using it again).

Without recovery

The powder falls to the floor of the unit which can then be disposed of as required. Particularly suited to operators using multiple colour spraying where the powders would not be reusable.

Filter Elements

The thickness of the material that the filters are made from is 260g/m². Polyester filters, not cellulose.

Powder Coating booth Features

Available Models

ModelKPO-3 (lowered)
Worksize dimensions (mm)W2800 x H2100 x D1000
External dimensions (mm)W2800 x H2300  x D1700
Filters 3
Nominal power2.2kW
Nominal voltage380 - 415V
Air volume10,200m3/h



closed face model is also available and as is a Romer Proton II V Application Gun


Fire eye detection (optional not fitted)

The booths in this range can be ordered equipped with fire detection eye. Thanks to these sensors installed in the booths any unexpected fire can be detected in a fraction of a second and the power supply cut from the booth to prevent propagation of the fire.

Romer - Experienced Powder Coating Manufacturer

Romer Industrial OvensThe outstanding feature of Romer ovens is the quality of manufacturing. Everyone who stands in front of a Romer, from buyers to calibration engineers, have commented how well constructed they are.

Romer have been manufacturing powder coating ovens and powder coating machines from their base in central Poland for over 30 years and export to 40 countries worldwide. Their 8,000m² facility employs over 150 staff and has passed Riley Surface World's inspection and auditing requirements.

Riley Surface World and Romer have secured a partnership to service the UK market with large (over 1m²) ovens up to 225°C and powder coating equipment.

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